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PAUL DANIEL Citylife Serum Plus+ Anti-Pollution Deep Sea Algae 30ml
PAUL DANIEL Citylife Serum Plus+ Anti-Pollution Deep Sea Algae 30ml
PAUL DANIEL Citylife Serum Plus+ Anti-Pollution Deep Sea Algae 30ml
PAUL DANIEL Citylife Serum Plus+ Anti-Pollution 30ml

PAUL DANIEL Citylife Serum Plus+ Anti-Pollution 30ml

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Made in Australia to the highest standards, Paul Daniel Citylife Serum Plus+ is an advanced anti-pollution serum with powerful hydrating and moisturising properties. It’s designed with unique and potent natural ingredients, including bio-active deep sea algae extract, hyaluronic acid (water soluble), vitamins and antioxidants that deeply nourish the skin’s biome and repair and rebalance the natural lipid barrier. Serum Plus+ shields the skin from pollutants and harmful ultraviolet photo-aging, and combats dryness, dullness and irritation associated with free radical damage.

Key/Active Ingredients:

  • Alteromonas Ferment Extract is extracted from deep sea algae and contains polysaccharide properties which are anti-inflammatory and regenerate and protect the skin. This prebiotic skin balancer chelates and removes heavy metals, restores the skin’s natural lipid barrier and helps retain moisture, improve hydration, heal wounds, and increase collagen and elastin production.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is a very effective skin-restoring ingredient that offers multifaceted benefits for all types of skin, particularly aging skin. These benefits include enhancing the cell barrier of the skin and visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, dullness and a weakened skin surface.
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) is a potent anti-inflammatory and has natural moisturising, soothing, healing and regenerating properties. It is a natural humectant (water binding substance) that repairs the skin barrier and protects it from pollutants and irritants.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate is a water-soluble form of Hyaluronic Acid which is more easily absorbed by the skin and has powerful anti-aging properties. It is found naturally in the skin but declines as we age. Sodium Hyaluronate increases hydration, promotes collagen synthesis, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and discolouration, improves complexion and gives a more youthful fullness to the skin.
  • Prebiotic Skin Balancer (Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol) are extracts that are used to support and nourish good bacteria and reduce bad bacteria in our bodies (and on our skin). The Prebiotic Skin Balancer helps to support and balance the skins microbiota and stimulate skin lipid synthesis to restore long lasting hydration and strengthen the skins barrier defence.
  • Allantoin is extracted from the root of the comfrey plant and is a gentle natural moisturiser that soothes, softens and protects the skin. Allantoin is an essential healing element that promotes fibroblast and supports skin cell regeneration.
  • Wheatgerm Oil contains vitamin A, D and essential fatty acids so it absorbs well into the skin and provides natural hydration. It is also rich in vitamin E and helps to promote circulation and the formation of new skin cells.
  • Camellia Oil is rich in Palmitic and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids, and numerous anti-aging polyphenol antioxidants. It is non-greasy and an excellent all-around moisturizer for the skin, keeping it toned and supple.
  • Shea Butter keeps the intercellular structure of the epidermis intact, complementing the sebaceous glands by deeply moisturising the skin, forming a natural protective barrier to bacteria, oxidation and UVB rays. It facilitates the skin's healing process, prevents dermal irritation and regenerates the skin. 

Features: Sulphate free, Paraben free, Lanolin free, Mineral oil free, Artificial colour free, Artificial fragrance free, SLS free, Nanoparticle free, GMO free, Cruelty free and Vegan Friendly. Made in Australia to the highest standards.

Usage:  After cleansing, apply to the face and neck twice a day, morning and night. May be used alone or underneath additional moisturiser. Perfect to pair with our Paul Daniel Citylife Detox Mask and Body Mist.